Beer List

Beer Brewer Sort descending Style ABV Bar Description
The English Session IPA V Anspach & Hobday India Pale Ale 4.0% Stage Bright aromas of citrus, apricot and spice balance a complex malt blend
The Ordinary Bitter V Anspach & Hobday Bitter 3.4% Stage Perfectly balanced between malt sweetness and hop bitterness
Chapel Street Porter V GF Billericay Porter 5.8% Stage A rich dark porter with chocolate, coffee and other complex flavours
Dickie GF Billericay Best Bitter 4.2% Stage A balanced amber ale with biscuit notes
Zeppelin GF Billericay Bitter 3.8% Stage Easy drinking session ale with slight smoky notes
Bad Kitty V Brass Castle Porter 5.5% Stage A robust vanilla porter
Hygge Figgy Porter V Brass Castle Porter 5.7% Stage A fig, blueberry and almond porter
Starlight V Brass Castle Golden 3.4% Stage A winter pale ale
Hope & Glory GF Brentwood Brewery Best Bitter 4.5% Stage A full bodied red premium bitter
IPA GF Brentwood Brewery Bitter 3.7% Stage A lightly hopped session bitter
Marvelous Maple Mild GF Brentwood Brewery Mild 3.7% Stage This delicate dark brown mild has just a hint of maple syrup coming through in the finish
Sacre Bleu GF Brentwood Brewery Golden 3.9% Stage An English pale ale
Galaxy V GF Brentwood Brewery India Pale Ale 4.4% Stage Single hopped with Galaxy from Australia
Phoenix Gold Byatt's Golden 4.2% Stage Brewed with three American hops. Initial sweetness, crisp, refreshing with a rounded bitterness
Regal Blond Byatt's Golden 5.2% Stage A strong, zesty golden ale with citrus lemon and grassy notes. Smooth and easy drinking
Neanderthal Caveman Best Bitter 4.4% Stage Best bitter hopped with East Kent Goldings and Admiral for a rich honey and spice character
Neolithic Caveman Bitter 4.1% Stage Easy drinking and refreshingly bitter
Paleolithic Caveman Golden 3.8% Stage A light session beer with a high dose of aromatic hops
Drinking Beer No 5 V Cloudwater Best Bitter 4.3% Stage This beer does exactly what it says on the caskcard - a beer you're going to want to drink all night
Loral In Your Heart V Cloudwater Golden 4.4% Stage A pale ale which pairs Citra with Loral hops
16/884 Porter Colchester Brewery Porter 6.0% Stage A strong, smooth, rich and full bodied porter
Brass Monkey Colchester Brewery Golden 3.8% Stage A light and refreshing dark golden ale
No 1 Colchester Brewery Best Bitter 4.1% Stage A classic English best bitter
No Man's Land Colchester Brewery Golden 4.2% Stage A fruity English golden ale with Epic hop notes
Santa's Claws Colchester Brewery Speciality 4.8% Stage Old ale with a dark and sinister malty sweetness
Sunset Cross Bay Golden 4.2% Stage A thirst quencher making its mark as a light and refreshing ale
Witching Hour Cross Bay Speciality 4.4% Stage A clear wheat beer with a smooth, refreshing taste blended with hops that leave a distinct apple and vanilla aroma
Back Bone Docks Golden 4.2% Stage Jam packed with American hops
Docks Bitter V Docks Bitter 4.3% Stage A malty fruitcake of a bitter underpinned with a modern hop profile
Engine Room V Docks Bitter 3.8% Stage Brewed with lager yeast; gold in colour and bursting with fruity hoppy aromas
Forged In Fire V Docks Porter 5.0% Stage A jet-black porter infused with an ungodly amount of cinder toffee
Low Tide V Docks Golden 3.4% Stage An easy drinking session pale ale which is big on flavour while staying light and sessionable
Shut Down Docks Golden 4.2% Stage A soft wheat body overlayed with American hops bringing citrus, mango and passion fruit flavours
Another Day Done V Duration Golden 4.4% Stage A juicy pale ale with bags of tropical fruit aromas like peach and mango
Inspector Remorse V Electric Bear Porter 4.7% Stage Tastes like liquid choccy digestives
Werrrd! V Electric Bear Golden 4.2% Stage Brewed with fruit-forward hops
Bumbleduck GF Elephant School Porter 4.8% Stage Honey porter
Porter In A Storm V GF Elephant School Porter 4.9% Stage A rich porter showering your tastebuds with waves of chocolate, fruity and bitter
Wombo V GF Elephant School Porter 5.9% Stage A good malty plum porter
Plum Porter V Elgoods Porter 4.5% Stage A rich, dark, sweet ruby porter with plums
Best of British Elgoods Bitter 4.7% Stage A chestnut beer packed with British malts and hops
Black Dog Mild Elgoods Mild 3.4% Stage An award winning traditional dark mild
Hati V Exale India Pale Ale 5.9% Stage A collaboration with Howling Hops. This beer is all the best bits of an old school IPA with all the fun of a complex malt bill
Best Bitter V Grain Brewery Best Bitter 4.2% Grave Amber, malt driven bitter. Smooth and full-flavoured
Blackwood Stout V Grain Brewery Stout 4.5% Grave A smooth and creamy stout with flavours of chocolate and roasted malts
Lignum Vitae V Grain Brewery India Pale Ale 6.5% Grave Light on the palate, bursting with juicy, tropical fruit hop flavours
Red Nelson V Grain Brewery Best Bitter 4.7% Grave A ruby red beer with enough strength to give it a kick
Slate V Grain Brewery Porter 6.0% Grave Smooth, rich, creamy and complex
ThreeOneSix V Grain Brewery Golden 3.9% Grave Extra pale, dry, with a grapefruit hop aroma
The Champion Hobsons Mild 3.2% Grave A dark, nutty mild
Black Country Mild Holdens Mild 3.7% Grave An easy drinking traditional mild
Golden Glow Holdens Golden 4.4% Grave Golden ale with subtle yet fragrant hop aromas
Mole Trap Mauldons Bitter 3.8% Grave A well-balanced session beer. Crisp hoppy bitterness with a late malty flavour coming through.
Black Adder Mauldons Stout 5.3% Grave A dark, bitter stout. Roast and nut aromas with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt provide an excellent lingering finish.
Silver Adder Mauldons Golden 4.2% Grave A super pale ale. Powerful hops give a lovely citrus burst followed by a crisp, clean finish.
Magpie Mauldons Golden 4.0% Grave An English golden ale, brewed using malted barley with added caramalt for sweetness, with UK cascade and amarillo hops for a subtle floral finish.
Island Gold Mersea Island Brewery Golden 4.4% Grave A light lager style ale, made with lager malt
Island Skippers Mersea Island Brewery Best Bitter 4.8% Grave A dark amber coloured best bitter
Oyster Mersea Island Brewery Stout 5.1% Grave Three dozen oysters are added to this rich flavoured, thick bodied stout
Yo Boy Mersea Island Brewery Bitter 3.8% Grave A session bitter
Comet Milestone Golden 4.2% Grave A real star-like golden ale bursting with flavour
Donner & Blitzed Milestone Best Bitter 5.4% Grave A real Christmas cracker packed full of flavour
Vixen Milestone Bitter 3.8% Grave A beautiful copper amber ale
Blind Poet New River Brewery Porter 4.5% Grave Four malt varieties provide lightly smoked, liquorice and chocolate flavours
Chadwell New River Brewery Best Bitter 4.2% Grave A tasty best bitter with biscuity caramel flavours
Five Inch Drop New River Brewery India Pale Ale 4.6% Grave A fine IPA made with malts and hops from UK, New Zealand and USA creating fresh citrus and pine needle flavours
London Tap New River Brewery Golden 3.8% Grave A modern, thirst-quenching pale ale with delicious hoppiness
Bumblehole Olde Swan Bitter 5.2% Grave Honey sweet amber ale with sharp dryness in the finish
Beijing Black Pot Belly Mild 4.4% Grave A strong dark mild
Black Sun Pot Belly Best Bitter 5.0% Grave A blend of two award winning beers - Beijing Black and Crazy Daze
Pigs Do Fly Pot Belly Golden 4.4% Grave A single hopped, easy drinking golden ale with a depth of flavour
Softboi V Queer Brewing Golden 3.0% Grave Soft, easy going, delightfully refreshing, flavourful and thirst-quenching
Bull Liquor V Rascality Brewing India Pale Ale 3.8% Grave Session IPA giving great flavour at a modest ABV
Hair Of The Frog V Rascality Brewing Bitter 4.3% Grave A post-modern bitter with heaps of crystal malts supplying a rich toffee and treacle malt backbone
One Brow Brew V Rascality Brewing Golden 5.0% Grave Rich malty notes of honey, light caramel and bread is truly quaffable
Golden Thread Salopian Golden 5.0% Grave A bright gold ale using wheat, lager malt and flavoured with an infusion of aroma hops
Hop Twister Salopian Golden 4.5% Grave Pronounced citrus flavours which is balanced by a dry bitterness
Conkers & Hash Stockport Golden 4.1% Grave Deep golden bitter that is crisp, malty and refreshing
Jester Stockport Golden 4.2% Grave Light, golden and moreish with grapefruit and lime notes
Stout Stockport Stout 4.5% Grave A rich dark stout with roasted malt flavours and fruity overtones
Crackendale Thornbridge Golden 5.2% Grave Exploding with a fantastic tropical fruit aroma which burst through on the palate with a beautiful bitter and sweet balance
Market Porter Thornbridge Porter 4.5% Grave A creamy, rich porter with a floral hop flourish and mildly roasty aftertaste
Best Three Tuns Bitter 3.8% Grave A traditional brown ale which is richly hopped and smooth throughout
Clerics Cure Three Tuns India Pale Ale 5.0% Grave A light tan beer wit medium malty sweetness and powerful, spicy, floral bitterness and hop character
XXX Three Tuns Golden 4.3% Grave A renowned beer with a 17th century recipe
Dark Mild Timothy Taylors Mild 3.5% Grave A dark ruby beer with roasted notes and a smooth, creamy taste
Landlord Dark Timothy Taylors Mild 4.3% Grave Perfectly balanced mellow dark beer has body and depth
Best Bitter Tindall Brewery Bitter 3.7% Grave A very traditional session bitter
Caramel Stout V Tindall Brewery Stout 4.5% Grave Rich and full bodied but the sweetness of the caramel leaves you wanting more
Extra Tindall Brewery Best Bitter 4.5% Grave A very traditional strong bitter brewed to produce a full bodied creamy ale
Liberator Pale Tindall Brewery Golden 3.8% Grave A hoppy, golden ale
Mild V Tindall Brewery Mild 3.7% Grave Produced with the finest roasted malts to produce a beautiful dark traditional mild
Plum Porter Titanic Porter 4.9% Grave A well rounded speciality porter with sweet, fruity nose
Xipetotec V Watson Brewery Stout 7.0% Grave Cacao nibs and coffee beans - oh my!
Zanza V Watson Brewery India Pale Ale 4.5% Grave Mosaic single hopped IPA
IPA V Wharf Brewery India Pale Ale 3.7% Grave A copper coloured traditional East Anglian IPA
Nine Feet Underground V Wharf Brewery Stout 5.2% Grave A punchy stout
Parkeston Porter V Wharf Brewery Porter 4.5% Grave More heavily hopped robust porter in the new-world style
Redoubt Stout V Wharf Brewery Porter 4.2% Grave A rich, dark and silky smooth jet-black beer
Scruffy Mild V Wharf Brewery Mild 3.9% Grave A traditional dark mild ale
Battle of Britain Wolf Brewery Bitter 3.9% Grave A traditional British copper-coloured ale with British grown malt and hops
Edith Cavell Wolf Brewery Golden 3.7% Grave A hoppy, smooth golden bronze ale with a blackcurrant finish
Grandmas Rich Porter Wolf Brewery Porter 5.0% Grave A dark ruby chocolate malty ale with a rich but smooth finish
Lavender Honey Wolf Brewery Bitter 3.8% Grave Honey from The Norfolk Lavender Company is added during the brewing process to give this beer a delicate yet moreish flavour
Twenty22 Wolf Brewery Bitter 4.0% Grave Fruity fresh hopped and full bodied
Woild Moild Wolf Brewery Mild 4.8% Grave A rich and fruity traditional Norfolk mild